Emily Deschanel supports the education and adoption Farm Sanctuary provides to farm animals.
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Thanks the success of her show “Bones,” Emily Deschanel is one of the most popular vegan actresses around, and she’s not shy about sharing her love for animals.

Deschanel joined a slew of other celebs recently at a fundraiser for Farm Sanctuary. While there, she spoke to ET about why she supports the organization, both verbally and financially.

“Farm Sanctuary works on several different levels. It works on educating people. It works on fighting for legislation to protect farmed animals, and it protects farm animals that they adopt and rescue.

“So, you can visit their three locations now and get to know these animals and see that they’re no different than your cat or dog that you have at home. But people just decided one day that we’re gonna eat these ones. So, it’s a great organization working on many different fronts, and it’s a huge organization doing a lot of amazing work. So I choose to support them financially and by coming to events like this,” she said.

Deschanel also addressed the — false! — rumors that her show has been canceled. “Our show was picked up months ago. So it is coming back for an 8th season in September,” she explained.

Fans of “Bones” know that her character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, struggled to lose the baby weight after her daughter was born. It’s a struggle that Deschanel is also dealing with in real life.

“My character was pregnant. She’s the normal woman. She can take the time that it takes to lose the weight and I’m doing that myself. Yeah, I haven’t lost all my weight yet. Hopefully I will eventually,” Deschanel said with a laugh.

She’s been a vegan for 19 years, and maintained her diet throughout her pregnancy, so there’s no doubt that her healthy choices will help her shed the weight in no time.

For more “Bones” teasers and info on the Farm Sanctuary fundraiser, check out the video below. But beware of the bacon and burgers ad that runs first.

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