Mark Ruffalo and non-profit Empowered by Light help bring solar power to developing countries
by Allyson Koerner
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Last week, Mark Ruffalo got into the eco-friendly spirit when he co-hosted an event in support of bringing renewable energy to developing countries like rural Zambia.

On Thursday, June 21, Ruffalo and Empowered by Light joined forces in San Francisco by throwing a cocktail reception for the non-profit organization dedicated to solar energy technologies thriving in the homes of families who do not have electric power.

This particular party supported Empowered by Light’s recent project, Solar: ZAMBIA, which is helping Zambian families receive solar-powered LED light and cell-phone charge kits.

“I support Empowered by Light because they are bringing light and renewable energy to those who don’t yet have it, and they’re teaching whole nations that we don’t need fossil fuels to be modern,” Ruffalo said.

The non-profit was founded in 2011 and improves lives through clean technology. Its latest project “aims to help rural Zambian children improve their studies and overall school performance, while eliminating the hazards of fire, burn and respiratory disease caused by open-flame kerosene lamps and diesel.” This will definitely lend a helping hand, as about 1.5 million people across the globe do not have electricity.

So far, Empowered by Light has delivered more than 1,000 solar-powered lights to those in need. Further plans are in development to install a solar micro-grid system at Sioma High School in Zambia. Clean technology will benefit 25 teacher homes, seven dorms and eight classrooms that are used by over 500 students.

“During our last deployment, we saw first-hand the incredible impact our lights are having,” Marco Krapels, one of Empowered by Light’s founders, said. “It’s richly rewarding to think that tonight, 8,000 children in rural Zambia are reading because of our efforts, where previously they would have been in total darkness.”

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