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Mets’ Player Tim Byrdak Scores Big for Chicken

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Last Friday, during a heated game between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees, Mets’ pitcher Frank Francisco called the Yankees “chickens” before the Mets emerged victorious.

Following the put-down, Mets player Tim Byrdak thought it would be funny to buy his team a chicken and tell his teammates the Yankees sent it. After getting one in Chinatown, the chicken, whom Byrdak dubbed “Little Jerry Seinfeld,” hung out with the players in the clubhouse. The team made jokes about eating the chicken, but Byrdak didn’t want that, saying, “We’re trying to get him into a chicken sanctuary or somewhere where he can rest comfortably for the rest of his life and not worry about a deep fryer. Or an oven.” Byrdak continued, saying, “I went to Twitter last night to try to have people help me, but a lot of people said they wanted to throw him in a KFC bucket. That wasn’t funny.”

Thankfully, Farm Sanctuary has offered to adopt the chicken so that Little Jerry Seinfeld can live out his days on their sprawling farm, rather than confining him to a battery cage before he winds up on someone’s dinner plate.

After researching chicken’s diets, team chef Theresa Corderi, prepared Little Jerry a meal of oatmeal, berries, and bread. There will be a farewell ceremony for Little Jerry tonight at 6 p.m. outside of the Mets clubhouse.

Spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary, Meredith Turner, says “We’re so thrilled that this chicken will get to enjoy his days with the other chickens at Farm Sanctuary….He’s a very lucky bird, luckier than the rest of the market and the others who suffer. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Tim contacted us and made sure this bird would be able to enjoy the life that all chickens deserve.”

Bravo to the Mets for seeing Little Jerry as a friend, rather than food. Here’s hoping more people will follow their lead.

via BigCityVegan

Shutterstock/ David Scheuber


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  • Sharon at Big City Vegan

    Thanks for this post! It was quite amazing to see a profesional baseball player like Tim feeling compassion for a baby chicken. It follows my tagline “Once you meet them you can’t eat them” Came up with that covering the red carpet at Farm Sanctuary’s 25 year anniversary gala. Was just so inspired and it’s true across the board, others are too. It starts there. Don’t have to be vegan overnight, bit by bit it sinks in. A beautiful thing! 🙂 Sharon at Big City Vegan

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