by Brook Bolen
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New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently made headlines by proposing that the city prohibit the sales of soda in 16 ounce or larger containers in an effort to combat the nation’s obesity epidemic. In a move that is sure to be no less controversial, hip hop mogul, philanthropist, and vegan Russell Simmons suggests adding dairy to that list of banned beverages.

On behalf of PETA, Simmons has written the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, encouraging him to include dairy products in the ban as well. In the letter, Simmons highlights what many of us already know: dairy products are fattening, cholesterol-laden and, contrary to popular opinion, not healthy.

Simmons writes, “A 2005 nationwide study led by a Harvard Medical School researcher showed that children who drank more than three 8-ounce servings of cow’s milk per day were 35 percent more likely to become overweight than kids who drank only one or two servings (or a maximum of 16 ounces) per day. The study also found that replacing soda with cow’s milk, which is loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol, provided no weight-loss benefit—none. In light of this information, my friends at PETA and I urge you to include cow’s milk and other dairy-based drinks in your proposed beverage regulations.”

What do you think of Simmons’ bold proposal?






  • Heather Manning-Ayala

    You know, I’d be ticked if someone attempted to take away my 32 oz diet mt dew. As huge as I am on saving our environment, helping our animals, conservation, etc, there comes a point where the government needs to step out of the way and let people make their own choices. If they want to drink a huge pop, so be it, if they want a bottle of milk, again, let it be.

  • Dinneen Viggiano

    I agree!! Kids should be drinking water and schools can divert that $.35 for milk towards fresh greens, which will provide all the necessary calcium with none of the detriments of dairy.