Guy Vaknin leaves Gordon Ramsay and Hell's Kitchen to make vegetarian sushi
by Jaime Warburton
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Cheftestant Guy Vaknin has left Gordon Ramsay’s Hell for cooler, cruelty-free waters. After his episode seven elimination, the former executive chef of NYC’s Esprit Events catering company has announced that he’s embarking on an organic and all-vegan sushi adventure. The unnamed restaurant should be open for business this July.

A kosher chef, Vaknin is no stranger to working within strict dietary parameters; his “Hell’s Kitchen” bio references the challenges of making “food not only look but taste just as good under strict kosher supervision.” But who wouldn’t drool over a handroll of brown rice and avocado, anyway?

Using the patience he credits his mother’s Shabbat meals with teaching him, Vaknin first began experimenting with “organic and whole grains” and different vegetables when developing Beyond Sushi for Esprit Events. Co-owner Ellen Vaknine was happy to offer an option suitable for pregnant women as well as those uncomfortable with raw fish in general or avoiding refined carbohydrates such as white rice, not to mention one that holds up much more safely than traditional sushi and sashimi at catered events.

And now a restaurant wholly dedicated to these vegan, whole grain rolls? We’re happy Vaknin will be running that kitchen instead of the one at Gordon Ramsay Steak – and so are the fish!

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