Sharon Osbourne joins anti-fur protest outside Intermix.
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Photo: PETA Blog

Sharon Osbourne, host of the daytime talk show “The Talk,” is serious about being fur-free. She was recently spotted outside of Intermix with a sign that read: “I will Not shop at Intermix until they go Fur-Free!”

Osbourne was helping out Fur Free Los Angeles with the organization’s protest against Intermix’ use of fur. The host of “The Talk” has been fur-free since 2010 when she donated her old furs to PETA. Since that time she has been an anti-fur advocate.

Intermix sells many different furs including fox fur, rabbit fur, raccoon fur, and coyote fur. According to Fur Free Los Angeles, “Any shopping at Intermix is supporting this bloody industry, so we encourage everyone to cease shopping at Intermix until they go fur free.”

This isn’t the first time that Osbourne has taken up a fight against those who are pro-fur. In 2010, she made comments about Louis Vuitton handbag accessories on twitter that cause an uproar of support from anti-fur advocates. Her tweet read: “Louis Vuitton foxtail handbag accessories make me sick. Please do not purchase those! It’s heinous.”

Osbourne’s recent demonstration outside Intermix helped Fur Free Los Angeles kick off their “Intermix: Please Stop Selling Fur” campaign. The organization has several anti-fur campaigns going on against other stores including Dash, Dolls Kill, Kitson, and Kathy Ireland. The campaigns will be ongoing until each store stops selling fur.

When Osbourne isn’t protesting fur she can be seen on “The Talk” or supporting various charities including Breast Cancer Care, Save the Children, Help for Heroes or her own organization – Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

Osbourne’s son Jack Osbourne recently announced that he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It wouldn’t be surprising to see “The Talk” host joining with the MS Society in support of her son.

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