Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation is launching a grassroots movement to create youth-driven empowerment groups.
by China DeSpain
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Her wild onstage antics and colorful persona — remember the meat dresses? — may have made her a household name, but Lady Gaga‘s mission is really pretty simple.

Underneath the wigs is a woman who is trying to make the world a better place (despite her sometimes cruel fashion choices), and she’s doing it through her Born This Way Foundation.

Now that the BTWF — which focuses on youth empowerment — is up and running, Gaga and her mother, co-founder Cynthia Germanotta, are letting the country’s youth take the reins. They announced this week that BTWF is launching a grassroots campaign to create youth-led groups that will bring the tenets of the foundation into individual communities.

And “youth” is the key word here. It’s very important to Gaga that the nation’s young take the lead on this, because BTWF is for and about them.

“I don’t have the answer,” she said at the BTWF launch event at Harvard University. “You are the answer; know that, and go home, and take with you that you are the future.”

These “born brave” groups will launch at the beginning of the school year, and, according to Look to the Stars, “Youth throughout the country will work together to impact the world around them in ways that work best for each individual community. The Foundation will supply youth with a toolkit outlining activities and events to help provide infrastructure while also empowering them to identify and solve issues that are unique to their local groups.”

Cynthia Germanotta thinks that the born brave groups will help shape the vision that she and Gaga have always had for the world. “Through these youth-driven organizations, we can continue building the kind of world my daughter and I dreamed of when we started Born This Way Foundation, and we are excited to continue to engage youth to help shape their movement. Together, with our youth, we can create a kinder, braver world where everyone is accepted for the person they were born to be,” she said.

Right now, the BTWF is looking for a name for these youth-driven organizations. Gaga is asking youth to vote online for one of the pre-existing choices, or to submit a name suggestion. Look to the Stars says that the current options are:

More details about this youth-driven initiative will be released over the summer.

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