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Jason Mraz reveals his passion for Mother Earth and respect for the environmentJason Mraz reveals his passion for Mother Earth and respect for the environment

Jason Mraz: Mother Earth is His Main Squeeze

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Jason Mraz continues to speak out about his passion for nature and our planet. In a recent interview, he’s even declared Mother Earth as is his true love.

“Mother Earth. She’s the only woman for me!” he revealed at a press conference.

So, why is Mraz respectful of the environment? Here’s what changed his mind.

“Two things happened almost simultaneously [that made me environmentally aware],” he said. “First, I bought a home and I realized that this is now my piece of Earth that I’m responsible for.

“No one else is going to sort my trash, do my recycling, turn my lights off or water my trees. I also started surfing at the same time and I was really disappointed when I went to the beach and saw broken glass bottles, cigarette buds and garbage, and trash floating beside me in the water.”

He continued, “After it rained, they even put up a sign that said ‘please don’t swim.’ because the water becomes dirty from [trash]. I felt that I had a responsibility – for my own selfish reasons – because I wanted to keep surfing and I wanted [a clean beach], until I am an old man. And if I have kids, I wanted the water to be clean for them too.”

The 35-year-old singer wants everyone to know that he doesn’t consider himself an eco-warrior, as he flies around the country contributing to a very large carbon footprint. But, Mraz still does what he can to give back.

Mraz, known for his music and popular hits like “I’m Yours,” “Lucky” and “I Won’t Give Up,” is using his music to promote green messages and influence others to take on the responsibility of caring for their planet.

“Music is a powerful fund-raising tool and it is also a means to express yourself and draw attention to certain things,” he said. “I try not to preach in my music, but I do try to offer hope for you [to] take responsibility for what you are most passionate about.”

On his new album you can listen to the song, “The World As I See It,” which sends a message that even with pollution and energy consumption, others can always help turn the world into a “beautiful place.” Now, that’s true love.

Photo Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

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  • That was for a Singapore interview! Check out his blog, he stayed at this eco-friendly hotel we have here in town 🙂 Amazing guy, really.

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