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Celeb animal activist Simone Reyes of “Running Russell Simmons” has taken to her blog to blast Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s fur and animal skin products.

Reyes wrote on, “The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are staples in the fashion world, are unfortunately using their vanity and the pursuit of making a blessed buck at the expense of innocent sentient beings. Their fashion line The Row is offering a bag that uses animal pelts of tortured animals. And if that’s not bad enough, the bag sells for $16,900 and their backpack made of alligator skin retails for $39,000.”

She adds that the Olsen twins have also started giving the bags away to their famous friends, including Jessica Biel who Reyes says “decided that for a freebie of the bag she would ignore her conscience and even tweeted a photo of herself wearing the $39,000 black calfskin version of the backpack.”

Reyes is calling on the public not to buy these products, and explains why fur is cruel. “Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste. Forced to stand on thin cage wires, the millions of minks, foxes, rabbits, and other animals never get the chance to dig, play, or do anything else that’s natural and important to them. Some animals are killed by having their necks broken or their skulls beaten before being strung up by their back legs and having their heads cut off. Many foxes, calves and alligators have their fur and skin ripped off of them while STILL CONSCIOUS…many are killed via anal or vaginal electrocution.” She adds that after dogs and cats are killed for their fur in Asia, their pelts are often sent to the U.S. and intentionally mislabeled as “rabbit” or “coyote” fur.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been urged by animal advocates and organizations to stop selling fur in the past, but Reyes says “they remain unmoved by the images of animals suffering.” She says the best way to put a stop to the selling of fur is to stop supporting it. “We can watch the fur industry gasp its last breath of air soon if we keep the pressure on. The days of looking like cavemen and cavewomen are over. We are better than that and so are The Olsen Twins, I just wish they would see that before more lives are lost. Until then we fight and we fight HARD..with our wallets. Keep them closed to animal torture and keep your mouths open to tell people WHY we oppose fur,” she writes.

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    Who would want to spend $17000 (?) on a hideous backpack made out of fur so hideous it wouldn’t even look good on its original owner, anyway!