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Sneaker Giant Puma Anticipates an End to Their Use of Leather

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International sporting goods manufacturer Puma has announced that it will one day stop using leather for its athletic shoes and soccer boots because of its disastrous environmental impact.

In an interview with Financial Times, the company’s supervisory board chairman Jochen Zeitz said “I think eventually we’ll have to look at alternative materials, there’s no question about it.”

Mr. Zeitz is widely regarded as a trailblazer in the business world due to his concern for the environment. He has not only drastically reduced his own personal meat consumption, he has introduced Meatfree Mondays into Puma’s offices. “We should eat less meat, all of us, and we should use less leather, I mean that’s reality. We all know that cattle and beef are among the biggest contributors to carbon emissions.”

Following an “environmental profit and loss account” assessment of Puma last year, Zeitz determined that leather was “the biggest impact driver” contributing to Puma’s carbon footprint. This is partly because cattle ranches require land to be cleared for cattle and soak up water supplies, which affects plant and wildlife habitats. It is also because of the often toxic contaminants and chemicals used in leather tanneries.

The seemingly oxymoronic environmental businessman says this necessitates a need for high-quality, economic leather substitutes. “It may sound crazy,” Zeitz said, “but maybe there’s an economic way of producing a leather-like product in the laboratory.”

What do you think of Puma’s leather-free projections?

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  • Theo Baskind

    this is pretty interesting. I wonder how they will change the bottoms to become more Eco-friendly. And look at it in the future? Why not attack the problem NOW!

  • Ozgirl

    This is great, more business leaders like this! I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

  • robb.

    i love their new packaging. i use the bag that my wife’s shoes came in as a lunch bag every day. there was minimal cardboard in it, which i recycled. i love the awareness, and i would love to see the schedule accelerated.

  • I hope that they do so sooner than later, i LOVE running in my pumas, and would love them even more if they were vegan shoes

  • Maria Monse

    I love it! I just got some white, non-leather PUMA shoes! I was having a hard time finding white vegan shoes for nursing school, so I hopped on Zappos and entered in all my filters and I found the cutest pair of PUMA’s! I used to wear PUMA shoes in high school, and I was crushed to have to give them up when I went vegan!

  • persia

    fantastic news. Well done Puma a company that is more interested in the health of the planet and to stop cruelty to animals than making money. So rare to find.

  • StigRossi

    Why dont you vegans just kill yourselves because every second your bodies are killing microorganisms and they’d live if you were dead.

  • Ralph Green

    This is bullcrap. They don’t advertise this when you buy the shoe online. I have always loved puma shoes. Their new shoes are like cheap spaldings. I have to return and then get stuck with the shipping. At least make it clear in advertising and lower the price since you are using cheap man made materials. Oh and since these are made in China does your morals not worry about child labor and the other unethical standards of chinese manufacturing? Please….this is nothing more than a desperate move to cut costs and pass the burden to the consumer before you file bankruptcy. I am done with Puma and I am sure many other consumers will also be.

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