Bollywood and Hollywood celebs contribute vegan Indian recipes for The Bolly Holly Vegan Cookbook
by Jaime Warburton
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Celebs from both Bolly- and Hollywood are coming together to create “The Bolly Holly Vegan Cookbook,” available in 2013 from Jacaranda Press. The PETA-supported cookbook will contain not only veganized versions of classic Indian dishes, but also recipe adaptation tips and celebrity faves.

While about 40% of those living in India are vegetarian and the country has used a mandatory vegetarian/non-vegetarian marking system since 2001, abstention from dairy products is rare. The head of PETA India and main force behind the cookbook, Poorva Joshipura, hopes to use celeb secrets to help change that.

“Learning what celebrities eat can reveal the secrets behind their shiny hair, slim figures, toned bodies and smooth, healthy skin,” Joshipura explained. “Every chapter of the book will offer celebrity tips, quotations and facts about the benefits of vegan eating […] Best of all, it will be fun – full of colourful pictures of celebrities’ favourite dishes, with cinematic terms used throughout the text of the book to liven up the pages.”

Expect those tips and quotes to come from stars such as Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha and Neha Dhupia as well as PETA US founder Ingrid Newkirk and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine founder Neal Barnard.  With its combined focus on cinema, inside gossip, animal rights, and actors from two countries, “The Bolly Holly Vegan Cookbook” should be a superstar of a book!

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  • Mandi Coyne

    I’m so excited for this cookbook to come out! I love Indian food!