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Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have a desire to help developing nations. The couple teamed up with charity:water in 2010 and raised $109,000 for the non-profit organization by asking fans to donate as their birthday wish. Fans did donate and charity:water was able to bring clean water to those most in need. An additional $789,000 was raised for the non-profit by caring, inspired fans.

The celebrity couple recently took a trip to Ethiopia with charity:water and spent time with the people of Maego village, Tigray, a small village of 400 people in need of clean water. The Smith’s had gone to Ethiopia to witness the construction of a brand-new clean water well in the village. The couple even got a chance to man the organization’s new drilling rig, Yellow Thunder, as it drilled its 31st clean water well.

Smith said in a statement, “Our trip to Ethiopia with charity:water was an incredible eye-opening and and authentic experience. It was extraordinary to meet and spend time with the people of Tigray and to see first-hand how clean water changes everything for these communities.”

There are approximately 50 million people still living in Ethiopia without clean water. Will and Jada’s mission on charity:water reads: “We view contribution and service as a celebration of one’s gifts. We celebrate the grace that has been bestowed upon us as we honor our gifts through sharing them. There are men, women and children who, right now, do not have clean water to drink –we celebrate the fact that we are able to help quench their thirst. We believe every person on the planet should have access to clean drinking water.”

Charity:water uses 100% of donations for water projects. The non-profit uses photos and GPS coordinates in Google Maps to prove the water projects are being completed. In the past five years the non-profit has funded water projects in 20 countries bringing clean water to communities that are in dire need.

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