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Detroit Rapper “Young Calicoe” is getting himself some well-deserved attention from authorities after a sick video was posted online featuring him giving a tour of his collection of “fighting” animals.

“Anybody wanna fight some dogs?,” he says in the video shot by Midnight TV Hood Reality. “Hope we don’t get indicted for that, that Michael Vick type shit.”

Calicoe then proceeds to give a heartbreaking tour of the animals he keeps; all the while bragging about them as “upcoming champions” and “fighters.”

“We fight them too,” he says, pointing to a rooster in a cage, and having a friend taunt it to make it angry. “That’s a grand champ right there. We got some more fighters over here…making that real money.”

After pointing out some pitbulls in cages, as a friend opens a padlocked door, revealing two newborn pitbull puppies. “Champions in the making [Part] two,” Calicoe says to the camera.

Naturally, once it went viral, the Internet rained down a storm of criticism towards Calicoe; informing the Detroit Police in the process.

“We just received that today so we are looking into it,” Detroit Police Officer Dan Donakowski told Michigan Local News on Monday night. Cruelty investigators from the Michigan Humane Society are also involved; as well as PETA and HSUS.

According to the Humane Society, involvement in dog fighting can result in variable fines and up to five years in prison in the state of Michigan.

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  • MisterCadet

    PETA and the HSUS? You mean the Butcher of Norfolk (Newkirk) and the Wilkes County Massacre folks (J P Goodwin, Pacelle). Leave it to these two publicity loving groups to insert their name and fake outrage into every high profile cruelty story.
    Note to Mr. Calicoe: PETA won’t work with you unless you get a check-up from the neck up, but for $50,000 you can join Michael Vick as an HSUS spokeman.

  • PokerRay

    I don’t think these were fighting dogs and I don’t think this is a case of anything but an idiot shooting off his mouth. The dogs all had their tails, they were wagging them, and there wasn’t a snarl anywhere to be heard. It sounded more like the dogs were waiting to be petted. Fighting dogs have their tails bobbed and they behave much more aggressively, in or out of a cage.
    Move along people, nothing to see here.

  • PokerRay

    I saw a rooster in a cage. What did you see?