Wimbledon doubles champ Venus Williams talks raw vegan diet in battle against chronic autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome
by Jaime Warburton
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Coming off their fifth Doubles win at Wimbledon, the Williams sisters sat down with “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday. Up for discussion? The success of Venus’ raw vegan diet.

Venus first turned vegan in 2011 to battle chronic fatigue and full-body inflammation caused by the auto-immune disease Sjogren’s Syndrome, and reports that “definitely, changing my diet has made a big difference” in fighting the fatigue “so heavy that sitting in a chair is a huge effort.” She points out wryly, “So, as a professional athlete, if you have fatigue, then that’s tough,” adding that Sjogren’s can also cause “joint pain…issues with your internal systems.”

As the champ could tell you, learning any new skill comes with its own timeline and experience of trial and error – and being on the road with dietary restrictions must present its own heightened challenges. But we can take tips from the wheatgrass-loving Venus, who’s learned to say simply, “I’m not perfect, so I forgive myself when I make mistakes.”

But going vegan has been far from a mistake for the glowing powerhouse! Her holistic system of nutritional management seems to be succeeding where Western medicine offers little hope.

On the court and off, the sisters continue to demonstrate the power of challenging one another in the framework of their loving and supportive relationship, and we’re excited to watch as the pair heads up the USA Olympic team. Check out their CBS interview for more.

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