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Aaron Simpson defends Arian Foster and his vegan dietAaron Simpson defends Arian Foster and his vegan diet

MMA Fighter Aaron Simpson Defends Arian Foster’s Veganism

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We recently reported about NFL player Arian Foster making the switch to a vegan diet. Well, he’s been receiving a lot of slack for his choice and now mixed martial arts fighter Aaron Simpson is stepping in the ring to defend the Houston Texans running back.

Simpson is also an avid vegan – he was a dedicated vegetarian for three years prior – and spoke with Bleacher Report about Foster, “People are coming out and talking smack about Arian Foster because he’s decided to become vegan. They are saying he’s not going to be the running back he was and he is going to lose muscle mass. That’s just B.S. You can get great plant proteins that are healthier than animal proteins. It’s just a matter of being disciplined about it.”

The fighter first went veg after he and his wife gave birth to their twins. Simpson’s wife has been a vegetarian for over 10 years. He provided a little insight into what it’s like living as a vegan, “Being vegan definitely made the weight cut easier. It is something you have to be disciplined about because it’s not necessarily the most convenient thing. Once you live that lifestyle and you know where to go and know what you need; it becomes easier. It was the easiest and cleanest way I could have cut the weight. I feel strong as hell right now.”

Critics and fans are afraid Foster will not live up to his potential if meat is cut out of his diet. Well, the running back is not going to let negative criticism slow him down. Yesterday, he tweeted, “The most uneducated, usually have the strongest opinions. An open mind and a little time can heal the world.” Not sure if this is related to the current controversy, but it sure does fit.

Simpson also took to his Twitter to show his support of Foster, “Proud of you @ArianFoster You are making the right choice. The macho world of meat eaters won’t sway the compassionate mind of an athlete.”

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