Ian Somerhalder is asking his fans to contact Germany and ask for Paul Watson's release.
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It’s been two months since Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson was detained in Germany, and the organization is asking environmentalists around the world to participate in a unique effort to secure his freedom.

Sea Shepherd has support in high places: Activist Ian Somerhalder, who has vocally supported Watson’s release ever since the arrest, is encouraging his more than two million Twitter followers to get involved.

“This Is crazy important to me&you:Lets politely demand Cap’n Paul
Watson’s release.Pls read this!He’s too important!” Somerhalder tweeted, along with a link to Sea Shepherd’s Call to Action page.

So, what does Somerhalder want you to do?

The answer is pretty cool: Sea Shepherd has organized a visual petition/contest to fight for Watson’s freedom. Until July 20, the group is accepting visual submissions — photos, illustrations, artwork, etc. — that answer one of the following questions: “Why is Captain Paul Watson important to our planet?” or “Why does Sea Shepherd matter to you?” The submissions will be featured on Sea Shepherd’s Flickr page, and will show the world just how important and beloved Paul Watson and his mission are.

Winners will be chosen by Watson and two celebrity judges, and will receive Sea Shepherd swag. In addition to being the contest deadline, July 20 will also serve as a “day of action.” Sea Shepherd is asking supporters to politely contact German embassies and consulates around the world on that day to ask for Watson’s release. In the meantime, the group is also encouraging people to write, fax and email Germany’s Federal Minister of Justice to ask her to dismiss the warrant for Watson’s extradition to Costa Rica.

For more information on Watson’s arrest, details on the petition and day of action, and contact info for Germany’s Federal Minister of Justice, head over to Sea Shepherd’s Call to Action.

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  • Herbert Rubinstein

    Paul Watson is an overblown incompetent jerk who deserves to be locked up in Costa Rica for a long time. He is a criminal and should be prosecuted. I am so glad he is stuck in Germany now….and soon a dark cell in Costa Rica.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Eriksen/100001012685267 Erik Eriksen

    “too important” to be locked up for criminal activity??

    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages…