ECOmove in Denmark wants to create an all electric car with a 500 mile driving range.
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There are plenty of electric cars on the market today. Some of the highway capable models include the Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, Smart ED, Ford Focus Electric, and the Mia Electric. Travel range is the biggest consideration for those interested in owning an electric car. ECOmove, a Danish electric car manufacturer, has come up with a “range anxiety solution” for their newly designed all electric QBEAK car.

ECOmove, Insero E-Mobility and Serenergy have come up with the Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECC) to develop an electric car that has a driving range of 500 miles (800 kilometers) and that is capable of highway speeds.

According to Torque News, “As an all electric car it has a modular battery pack system allowing from one to six modules to power the vehicle, and with six modules the QBEAK has a driving range of 180 miles (300 kilometers) and a top speed of 120 kilometers/hr (75 miles/hr) when outfitted with two 70kw motors.”

The QBEAK isn’t quite up to the 500 mile driving range but it is impressive since each module can hold 4.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity. The cars maximum energy capacity is around 27 kilowatt-hours. A driving range of 180 miles on 27 kilowatt-hours of energy storage is better than the norm on current electric vehicles. Most electric cars have a driving range of a little less than 100 miles on 24 kilowatt-hours of energy. QBEAK uses lightweight components to use the energy more efficiently.

Another bonus of QBEAK is that it is designed with recyclability in mind. The car is made with recyclable materials and the interior is re-arrangeable. The car seats up to six people but with the re-arrangeable interior it can be changed if you need space for travel bags, soccer mom gear, or a variety of other reasons. The use of ARPRO, a light weight material used in certain automotive applications, will help the car use less energy for movement and will also reduce the use of energy needed for heating and cooling.

Although the QBEAK is made with light weight materials they are considered very strong. ECOmove expects to be awarded a five star crash worthiness rating.

QBEAK will go into production at the end of 2012 and is a step toward using MECC designs to create a 500 mile driving range all electric vehicle.

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  • Jack Xiao

    Yes ~ what a huge improvement in Go Green technology ~ moving 500 miles by using only electric ~ its a big save where we no need to pay for high expenses of petrol ~ If i drive this car with Kechara Protection Chakras, it would be a safe and save transport ~ HAHA