Former England soccer striker Michael Owen runs with Olympic torch through Battersea animal home
by Allyson Koerner
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Photo: Battersea's Facebook

Former England soccer player Michael Owen had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch through Great Britain yesterday on day 66 of the legendary route, and was even greeted by an audience of dogs from the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London.

The flame is making its way all over Britain, and why not let some lucky shelter animals enjoy it too? Around 50 dogs lined up to see Owen running with the torch. He had help from a Battersea resident, a Staffordshire-Bull-Terrier named Rory, who ran alongside the striker.

Owen is a huge dog lover. He personally owns two French Bulldogs and three Staffordshire-Bull-Terriers. He tweeted about the event saying, “Battersea Cats and Dogs home do some fantastic work. Privilege to be there today. #bdch. [sic]”

“I’d love to take this Staffy home but I don’t think my current dogs would have it! May ask one of my family! #staffies, [sic]” Owen also tweeted regarding Rory.

Battersea is dedicated in reuniting lost pets with their owners, and finding homes for those that sadly never see their homes again. According to its site, Battersea cares for over 10,600 dogs and cats.

For more photos and to see Owen in action, check out Battersea’s Facebook page.

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  • SempliceCittadino

    This was an obvious pandering to animal advocates who hold the Queen accountable for failing to save Lennox the dog in Belfast. Here’s a hint, ma’am. Dogs don’t care about a torch…they care about living.

    • Stephanie Tate

      Oh dear me – another mention of the dead dog Lennox – get over it finally and move on with your life!

      • SempliceCittadino

        Oh yes, people are saying the same things about the young men who were molested at Penn State. Some of us won’t cover our eyes and ignore an injustice. You, however, prefer to be one of those who just get along and never take a stand. Stephanie, you’re a sad woman with no passion. Must suck to be you.