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Sir Paul McCartney has announced he will put his name and support behind Save the Arctic, a Greenpeace campaign focused on the protection of our North Pole.

The former Beatle expressed his concerns around this topic in a blog post published on Huffington Post Green. McCartney emotionally describes the moment when the world first set eyes on a remarkable photo of our planet from space.

“Then Anders lifted it to the window and clicked the shutter and captured our delicate home planet rising slowly over the horizon of the moon. Earthrise. That single image made such an impact on the human psyche that it’s credited with sparking the birth of the global environment movement — with changing the very way we think about ourselves. ”

Pointing out that sheet ice has covered our polar caps for more than 800,000 years, McCartney talks about how drastically that has changed in the 40 years since Earthrise was taken. After recent decades of digging and resource exploitation, the astronauts of today are looking at a very different planet.

McCartney then turns his focus to the big oil firms, stating, “And here’s something that just baffles me. As the ice retreats, the oil giants are moving in. Instead of seeing the melting as a grave warning to humanity, they’re eyeing the previously inaccessible oil beneath the seabed at the top of the world. They’re exploiting the disappearance of the ice to drill for the very same fuel that caused the melting in the first place.”

This announcement from McCartney is just one way celebs are getting involved. Jude Law and Radiohead already showed their support in a recent video made for the campaign.

Stating that the time is now, McCartney expresses that he has added his name to Greenpeace’s site and encourages everyone to do the same.

He also highlighted the Arctic Rising online movement within the Save the Arctic site. A more interactive page that allows the user to ‘become’ an arctic animal and ‘hunt’ for friends and family to join as supporters. McCartney ended his post stating, “Yeah, you’ve guessed it. I am the Walrus.”


The original Earthrise.

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