The King of Spain is kicked out of World Wildlife Fund Spain for hunting elephants in Botswana
by Allyson Koerner
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King Juan Carlos may be the King of Spain, but he is no longer the honorary president of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Spain due to his hunting and killing of elephants in Botswana, Treehugger reports.

While exploring Botswana, the Spanish ruler took up the hunting of elephants and even posed in front of a dead elephant with a rifle. Though not illegal, WWF considers the actions “incompatible” with the group’s mission.

As the WWF website reads, “WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.” The king’s actions obviously go against this.

The organization released the following statement (via Treehugger/Google Translate), “Although such hunting is legal and regulated, has been considered incompatible, for many of its members, with Honorary Presidency of an international organization like WWF defense of nature and the environment and one of the most efforts and resources dedicated to the conservation of endangered species.

“For this reason, the Governing Board of WWF Spain had agreed unanimously to start the process for holding a Special Meeting in which its members could decide on whether to keep or delete Article of the Statutes regarding the Honorary Presidency occupied by King Juan Carlos since the founding of the organization in 1968. The 94 percent of the partners of WWF Spain voted for the abolition of the figure of Honorary President.”

A vote of 226 to 13 resulted in kicking the king out.

The 74-year-old ruler did make an apology on Spanish state television, “I am very sorry. I made a mistake and it won’t happen again.”

The king’s trip first came to light after falling and breaking his hip, while in Botswana. He had to be rushed back home to Madrid’s hospital for emergency surgery. The news of his hunting expedition may have not ever made the public eye, but due to his injury it did.

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