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Fox's hit series Bones to create episode about issue of exotic animals as petsFox's hit series Bones to create episode about issue of exotic animals as pets

‘Bones’ to Air Episode about Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets

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FOX’s popular forensic anthropologist/FBI thriller “Bones” starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is planning an episode about the issues behind keeping exotic animals as pets in Season 8, Vegetarian Star reports.

Stephen Nathan, executive producer of the hit series, revealed to TVLine his plans to craft an episode around the topic. “It’s a story about smuggling endangered species into the states as pets. In fact, what is horrifying is that there are more tigers as pets in Texas than there are in the wild. So we’re doing a story about animal smuggling that takes place in one of those pet expos.”

Deschanel, who plays “Bones” aka Brennan on the show, will surely take kindly to this episode as she is a huge animal advocate and vegan. She has stuck to her guns when it comes to not eating meat and protecting animals. In April, she was even honored for her farm animal advocacy by Mercy for Animals.

“Bones” previously did an episode about chicken farming, which really affected the fans and made Deschanel happy, “When someone tells me they stopped eating chicken because of the ‘Bones’ factory farming episode we did last year, I consider that a small victory.”

No word on when the episode will air, but be sure to tune in and watch the Season 8 premiere on September 17 at 8 p.m. EST.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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  • fucking great, I bet your going to make exotic owners look like drug lords or some shit … Thx guys!

  • As a keeper of a decent sized collection of ball pythons and boa constrictors and a fan of Bones, I really hope they don’t demonize the exotic animals trade. For every reckless, negligent, or otherwise “bad” exotics owner out there that makes headlines and gets people all worked up and afraid of exotics, there are a thousand good, responsible, caring owners who then have to bear the brunt of media-fueled fear mongering and over-zealous, politically driven legislation designed to blanket-ban the animals we love.

  • Brittany Donaldson

    This will not end well, did you also know that most exotics keepers are responsible and have captive bred animals, most those tigers in TX are not pure they are crosses between different species, the issue with animals in the wild is poachers, which should be the real focus!

  • ebolaoutkast

    When are these pathetic celebrities going to let us live our lives and stop trying to spread propaganda to the naive through hollow entertainment? These overpaid celebs need to stick to making quality TV that people want to see, not a soapbox fest. Furthermore, pet tigers are extremely rare and the bans these people promote just end up affecting owners of smaller harmless exotics. They have a right to keep their animals and live their life the way they want just like owners of dogs.


  • They can’t even get their ‘facts’ straight in the promo piece. If they’d done a little bit of research, they would have learned the ‘more tigers in TX’ line is false. Recent census data by the Feline Conservation Federation puts the TX tiger count at around 300 – and a total of LESS THAN 3000 nation-wide. Of these, the vast majority are in AZA zoos, sanctuaries and other USDA licensed facilities. I’m a die-hard Bones fan, and am educated enough to take this FICTIONAL program with a grain of salt, but it sure would be nice to see the actual truth on this subject portrayed once in a while! No doubt this episode will have me yelling at the screen as I’m watching it.


  • Hanna

    I love bones, but for the love of god I hope you know make us look like lunatics, almost all of the tigers that are in captivity are captive bred, and it’s only dangerous if you let it be dangerous, you only hear about people who get killed by animals, not the millions of people who keep them successfully without a problem.

  • What would be horrifying is if all those tigers currently living in Texas did not exist at all. Conscientious captive care is MUCH better than extinction. The radical animal rights movement has taken compassion to its absolute darkest conclusion–that anything less than an ideal life is worse than death. I very much doubt that the tigers would elect to die rather than being kept in a safe environment where they never have to deal with starvation or parasites, or fights, and all of their illnesses are treated. Don’t let the AR folks fool you–it’s THEIR anti-animal agenda they are pushing, and it has nothing to do with what’s best for the animals, or what is right and moral. Don’t mess with our pets!

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