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A registered dietitian has deemed Carrie Underwood's vegan diet perfectly balanced.A registered dietitian has deemed Carrie Underwood's vegan diet perfectly balanced.

Carrie Underwood's Vegetarian Meals Are Dietitian Approved

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Country superstar Carrie Underwood has been a vegetarian for more than seven years (and is primarily vegan now) and has no plans to ever go back to meat. “I’ll never eat meat again, because I look and feel better without it,” she says.

With that in mind, the singer recently shared a typical day’s menu with health magazine Self; the mag then asked a registered dietitian to evaluate Underwood’s choices. Her grade? A+.

In the magazine, Underwood shared that her breakfast is usually comprised of a smoothie with pea protein and berries, banana and almond milk. Alternatively, she sometimes opts for a tofu scramble with veggies and salsa. The singer also enjoys fresh fruit and black coffee.

According to Vandana Sheth, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Underwood’s meal plan is almost perfect.

“A good breakfast meal is one which includes whole grains, lean protein and fruits/vegetables. Both of Carrie’s breakfast options sound healthy, nutritious and delicious. I would, however, suggest adding a whole grain tortilla/pita bread or toast to the tofu scramble option to provide adequate carbs,” she says.

Underwood’s lunch options are also well-balanced. The star opts for stir-fry with pre-cut veggies, a chicken substitute (such as Quorn) and a splash of Bragg’s liquid aminos.

Sheth gives her high marks for this choice as well, although she cautions over-relying on fake meat products.

“Carrie’s lunch is perfectly balanced, colorful and nutrient-rich. It provides whole grains (brown rice), lots of veggies (broccoli, carrots, broccoli slaw, onions), lean protein (Quorn/Gardein chick’n) and is low sodium (Bragg Liquid Aminos). I would, however, suggest substituting the lean protein (Quorn/Gardein chick’n) with one that is not processed such as beans, lentils, tofu, edamame. Another option is to substitute quinoa for brown rice and enhance the nutritional quality of the meal.”

Underwood’s dinner plan is usually a veggie burger, which Sheth points out can be a healthy option, if done right. Because there are so many products on the market, she says it’s important to choose one with good nutritional statistics and pair it with healthy sides, such as a whole-grain bun, salad and fruit. Ultimately, though, Sheth recommends taking the time to make your own veggie burgers from scratch.

It’s great to see another health professional publicly acknowledge that a meat-free diet can be healthy and well-balanced. Now if only the USDA would get on board.

For more on Underwood’s healthy choices, including her fitness routine, head over to Self.

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  • Carrie Underwood is such a great role model for so many people, it’s great to hear that she is having success as a vegetarian!

  • Chris

    The health professional didn’t acknowledge the diet as all healthy. They said she needs more carbs like REAL bread. They said its not good to rely on that fake meat crap. They said veggie burgers are good only if done right. There was always an if because her diet is not perfect. And we all know she doesn’t eat those three things everyday of her life. Im sure there are many other flaws to her other meals were she could add in some real nutrition to make her healtheir. If people don’t want to eat red meat fine. If people don’t want to eat chicken whatever. But don’t tell me fish isn’t good for you or the best sashimi from japan is bad, thats just a load of bull. God supplied the earth with plenty of food for us to eat. From the early days we’ve eaten other things beside tofu.

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