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While promoting his new movie “The Watch” on Friday’s Conan, Ben Stiller explained how he was able to perform action-heavy sequences without a stunt double: his conversion to veganism.

Stiller discussed his recent dietary changes, which include giving up coffee as well as animal-based foods. He also mentioned the hardships that can accompany the lifestyle. “I wanted to have ribs,” he told O’Brien, “but I had kale chips.”

Yet the greatest challenge for Stiller was telling his parents. “I had to tell my parents I was a vegan, I came out to them,” he said to much laughter. “They were a little bit confused at first, but now they’re supportive.”

Stiller isn’t quite a full vegan. He has yet to give up fish, but with other meat, dairy and eggs out of his diet he is almost there.

Watch his hilarious take on veganism below:

via Vegetarian Star

  • Karina Usach

    Ben Stiller is not vegan. He even said himself he still eats some fish.

  • Stephanie Feliciano

    Wait until he finds out about riblets. All these new celbs converting to veganism have no clue of what sorts of foods are out there, there is a vegan version for 99 percent of foods out there.
    Please cut out the fish Stiller, you don’t need it!

  • Daniel

    Not a full

    vegan? Then he’s not

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    –vegan, is he?

  • facebook-1047929062

    Why would you post this? He says he’s not Vegan because he eats fish. Also, he thinks Veganism is only about what he eats; that it says nothing about the other aspects of Veganism, such as giving up leather/wool/silk, forsaking circuses, etc.

  • Dean Kelly

    LOL this dude is my twin LOL

  • Alyson

    He clearly states that he doesn’t like to be called vegan and that in retrospect he is more along the lines of a
    pescetarian …but that he is also embracing the idea of getting away from cow based products (such as cheese, etc) chill out people…you should be happy for anyone who is even attempting to make small steps in the right direction.

    • veganbetty

      I’d agree with you if he was more complimentary, but he is so anti-veganism for the sake of being ‘funny’ that he does more harm than good.

  • vegjoyce

    This is really a huge shame the way Ben Stiller chose to discuss veganism to a huge mainstream audience, plus it is completely inaccurate as there are tons and tons of delicious vegan foods and meals that are as flavorful, filling and fatty as the types of foods he says he misses. (umm can we say NYC’s Blossom’s mouthwatering awesome vegan bacon cheeseburger? and hundreds of other vegan comfort foods? What the heck is he talking about a hummus “burger” with nut cheese and acting like that is all there is? (not that hummus and nut cheese aren’t delicious as well)). To present vegan foods of 2012 as only kale and hummus is absurd and misinformed. He, and Conan, another uninformed party, turned a great opportunity to help tortured animals into one that actually harms them. Yes it is great Stiller himself is eating less animals and less animal products but it is bad how he presented those actions to an audience who otherwise may have learned something compassionate and doable and been inspired to try veganism. Dear Ecorazzi, he is not vegan or vegetarian so I am surprised you are calling him that in your title. (But I still love you :) ).

  • veganbetty

    Arg, what a terrible representative of the deliciousness of the vegan diet. Just don’t talk about it if you are going to thoroughly dis it and have no concept of how great it is.

  • Abby Bean


  • Mimi

    Why does everyone keep saying he’s vegan, he is not even vegetarian, so lame.

  • Mimi

    Did you read the article? He is not VEGAN.