Coca-Cola and partner to launch Ekocycle.
by Kara DiCamillo
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If you’re watching the Olympics today, you’ll probably catch an ad for a new lifestyle brand called Ekocycle. The new label is a partnership between The Coca-Cola Co. and and will feature hip products made from recycled waste, which targets young consumers. Coca-Cola will be contributing a minimum of $1 million towards the partnership.

Ekocycle (the first part of the word being “Coke” spelled backwards) will also partner with a variety of well-known designers to include everything from bikes to handbags to housewares. Each product will be marked with a logo which states how many recycled cans or bottles were used when making it. For example, a pair of headphones created by Dr. Dre (Ekocycle’s first product launch) contains about three plastic bottles and will be available this coming fall.

“If you think about (recycled) products now, none of them are cool,” Huffington Post reported stating.

We aren’t sure we quite agree with that statement, but we do like the fact that Ekocycle will be targeting younger consumers to get them interested in purchasing recycled products. One aspect we are curious to see is whether or not they can afford the products. The headphones check in at a whopping $349, while a hat (available spring 2013) will cost a more affordable $32.

Huffington Post says that according to Bea Perez, chief sustainability officer for Coca-Cola, the volume of recycled materials used in the products won’t make a dent in reducing waste at first but the idea is to get younger consumers thinking about waste and recycled products in a new light.

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