Elizabeth Gillies discusses how to maintain vegan, gluten-free diet
by Allyson Koerner
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Elizabeth Gillies is known for playing Jade West on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious,” but did you also know she lives a healthy lifestyle by committing herself to veganism?

At 19-years-old, Gillies is setting quite an example, not only on the small screen, but also with her eating habits. She is teaching others how to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As someone who is a vegan and stays away from gluten (she’s allergic), Gillies revealed it wasn’t always easy saying no to meat and other foods she loved.

“In the beginning it was hard, now I’m pretty used to it. I still constantly crave burgers, cheese and all the foods I can’t have, but I’ve learned to live without them,” she told Healthy Hollywood.

She doesn’t hide her cravings either. Here’s one tweet showing how much she craves comfort food, “I want French fries & a black & white milkshake right now. #fastasy #nevergonnahappen.”

Gillies also tweeted, “Stared deeply & amorously at a piece of funfetti cake for a solid 40 minutes tonight. #ulookedamazing #wishicouldveeatenu #itsnotuitsme.”

It’s good to see she sticks to her diet and for those who crave, like the actress, and struggle with their vegan diets, Gillies gives the following advice, “Don’t cut everything out at once. Gradually eliminate foods out of your diet, and see how you feel. Make sure to find ways to balance out your diet so that you’re getting all the nutrients you need.”

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  • Javier

    Isnt Gluten a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species?
    Gluten may be present in beer and soy-sauce as well. Although that is a quite reasonable decision since she has a wheat allergy and the only known effective treatment is a lifelong gluten-free-diet, although I wonder, Gluten, especially wheat gluten, is often the basis for imitation meats resembling chicken, duck (mock duck), fish, pork and beef. When cooked in broth, gluten absorbs some of the surrounding liquid (including the taste) and becomes firm to the bite.

  • Javier

    I mean, it is absolutely eaten by some animals, but one reason used to tell others a vegan diet is healthier for everyone is because of celiac disease and wheat allergies when only 10% from 7 billion people suffer it. A 2005 prospective and observational study found that timing of the exposure to gluten in childhood was an important risk modifier. People exposed to wheat, barley, or rye before the gut barrier has fully developed (within the first three months after birth) had five times the risk of developing coeliac disease relative to those exposed at four to six months after birth. Those exposed even later than six months after birth were found to have only a slightly increased risk relative to those exposed at four to six months after birth.
    Breastfeeding may also reduce risk although I didnt have that, well 1 person not having the condition doesnt mean others do.
    A meta-analysis indicates that prolonging breastfeading until the introduction of gluten-containing grains into the diet was associated with a 52% reduced risk of developing coeliac disease in infancy; whether this persists into adulthood is not clear. Getting Rotavirus is said to be protective or human intestinal adenovirus. Hilariously although interesting some research has suggested that smoking is protective against adult-onset coeliac disease

  • Chameleon *.*

    I love Liz so much!! <3 Lizbian for life ;D She needs more recognition .___.

  • IloveLizGillies

    yay. Liz Gillies<3