tips for the perseid meteor shower
by Michael dEstries
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Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons

I have fond memories of sitting in a canoe back during the summer of 1994 with two good friends and watching the Perseid meteor shower stream overhead. It was one of those moments from childhood that stands out as a magical confluence of adolescence, perfect weather, and a shared love of astronomy. To this day, that particular Perseid has yet to be matched.

I’m hoping this year finishes a strong second.

While this annual shower is active starting July 23rd, things really pick up between August 11 & 12 – when over 60-100 bright shooting stars will scream across the sky each hour. It’s caused by the Earth passing through dust debris left by the Comet Swift-Tuttle; which last swept past the planet in 1992.

Now the good news: Unlike last year, the moon will not be a factor in mucking up the opportunity to see some of the more fainter meteors. Here are some additional tips for enjoying the show:

Some cool video of the Perseids in action below.

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