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She may have gotten her start in Playboy and on fluffy shows such as “Baywatch,” but these days Pamela Anderson‘s career is on a much more serious trajectory — mostly.

In a recent interview with German TV, the mom of two talked at length about her greatest passions: being a good parent, and saving animals and the planet.

She also admitted that when it comes to paying the bills, she opts for fun jobs, including working as a magician’s assistant and appearing on goofy TV shows.

When asked how her teenage sons handle her famous lifestyle, Anderson said that they know a little bit about it, but are mostly just aware that “Daddy’s a rock star and Mommy rescues animals…They just know that I work a lot with the environment, with animals, and do silly shows…Everything I choose in my career is just for fun.” (FYI, “Daddy” is Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.)

As she’s gotten older, there’s been a noticeable shift in her image from sex symbol to activist, and Anderson is pleased with the change in public perception. “It’s great…I’ve always been doing stuff for animal rights, since I started ‘Baywatch.’ So it’s nothing really different for me.”

Another benefit to having a decades-long career in the public eye? Her longevity has given her a stronger voice to speak about the causes close to her heart. And although she said she’s ready to start winding things down, Anderson’s career is still pretty hot.

She’ll appear on “Dancing With the Stars: All Stars” in September, and is also in talks to appear on Broadway. Beyond that, she plans to keep advocating for the earth and all its inhabitants — people included.

“You know, I always feel like human beings are an endangered species. I feel like we all have to really understand and protect the world, protect our oceans, protect, you know, so many things, and I’m just so passionate about those things,” she said.

Check out the interview to hear more of her thoughts, and to watch her turn the tables on the interviewer by asking for the interviewer’s opinion about the Paul Watson situation. Because Anderson was appearing on German TV, she said wanted to point out the importance of Watson’s work to the German public, in light of his recent house arrest there.

Although the interviewer seemed not to recognize Watson’s name, it’s that kind of dedication to awareness that’s made Anderson such a successful advocate for important causes. Here’s hoping that she keeps at it, even as she “winds down” her career.

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