Don Redman eats first meat in 35 years to support Dan Cathy and Chik-Fil-A
by Jaime Warburton
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Jacksonville, Florida City Councilman Don Redman, a 35-year vegetarian, ate two chicken-based meals last week at his local Chik-Fil-A franchise in support of chain owner Dan Cathy’s remarks against same-sex marriage.

Already known for gaffes such as attempting to officially move Halloween celebrations in 2010, when October 31st fell on a Sunday, and publicly questioning the gender identity of out lesbian attorney and harassment victim Carrington Mead this June, Redman drew attention to his latest ethics violation by posting on Facebook, “I have. Been [sic] a vegetarian for 35 years. No chicken.” [sic] On Wednesday the first of August, at 11:30am I will be at Chik Filet [sic] at Tinseltown, & have some chicken in honor of Dan Cathy,his [sic] family values and the business where he shares those values. I encourage my fellow elected officials, [sic] who support family values to join me. God Bless.”

Redman (not to be confused with Grammy-nominated rapper Redman, a vegetarian who did not make an appearance at Chik-Fil-A) is a member of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. He previously stated of homosexuals, registering his opposition to including sexual orientation in a human rights ordinance, “It’s your behavior when you’re in public […] there are a lot of people who don’t want this behavior forced upon them.”

The Councilman’s own public behavior last Wednesday will theoretically have been an isolated incident – he told local reporters that he planned to return to vegetarianism the following day, explaining, “It means that much to me to make a statement. Mr. Cathy is a good man. I want to honor him and his stand.”

City Councilman Redman: taking down chickens and the LGBT community in the same mouthful.

If you can stomach it, watch him forcing down his sandwich.

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