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Stephen Colbert took a nice chunk out of Iowa Congressman Steve King for his nonsensical arguments against new federal anti-dog fighting laws.

Colbert didn’t need to try hard to make a fool out of the Congressman. King argued that if we don’t have a law banning humans from fighting other humans, we shouldn’t be banning dog fights. He said, “It’s wrong to rate animals above human beings.”

Colbert’s response to that bit of insanity was the following: “If two consenting adults want to fight under the auspices of the WBA, why not two consenting dogs?” He goes on to tell the “Cinderella” story of a “troubled young dog from a tough neighborhood looking for a way off the street” and how he finds a gym to go and train so he can fight other dogs. The punchline? The funnyman says, “And when that dog feels ready, he enters the ring to prove to the world and to himself that he’s got the talent and tenacity to be a winner…Or a loser, in which case he’s killed. That’s how Cinderella ends, right?” Maybe not Cinderella, but that certainly is the way dog fights end.

The idea that Congressman King could attempt to make an argument that humans fighting humans in a ring is the same as dogs being forced to fight one another to the death is so ridiculous it’s, as Colbert proves, laughable. However, it’s less laughable that it’s an elected official making such absurd remarks.

Thankfully, if you’re going to have a Congressman speak out against an important law, you do want him to sound as idiotic as possible. King doesn’t disappoint. He goes on (and on and on) to make strange and erroneous arguments as to why taking any steps toward protecting animals is really taking away from protecting humans. I won’t give away any more of Colbert’s retorts. You’ll want to watch them for yourself.

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Steve King’s Dogfighting Defense
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