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Lucy Lawless joined TakePart on Twitter, sharing her tips on voting to save the environmentLucy Lawless joined TakePart on Twitter, sharing her tips on voting to save the environment

Lucy Lawless Tweets Tips on Voting to Save the Environment

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Lucy Lawless joined with Participant Media’s digital division TakePart this weekend, embracing Twitter as a platform for change and encouraging fans in “conscience issue[s]” during a live chat.

The actress and environmentalist, who was arrested in February 2012 after protesting offshore drilling, joked, “Climbing oil rigs is not for everyone. But we can all be part of the fight for climate justice.” She also registered her support for both Greenpeace and peaceful methods of protest, having pointed out, “I am not prone to breaking the law but in matters of conscience, sometimes you have to.”

Although Lawless, a New Zealand native, can’t vote in American elections, she expressed regret at not having gotten her dual citizenship and encouraged all those who can vote to do so. When asked why voting is important, Lawless tweeted, “Unfortunately our reps are kowtowing to big oil instead of doing the right thing. [Apathy] at the polls means this will not change […] I want the US President to push for a true clean energy bill so our children will inherit a healthy planet.”

And what to do when the polls aren’t open? “[E]veryday, vote with your dollar […] Write letters of protest -easily done thru environmental groups online, donate money so they can step up the fight for our future.” Be vocal. Be active within your own means.

The “Xena,” “Battlestar,” and “Spartacus” actress may be focused on saving the Arctic, but her tone is never cold; she embodies her own theory that “When you start to try to get your life in line with your beliefs, it’s joyful.” Yet humor doesn’t detract from her overall message: the “truth is, this planet is all we have. There is no Battlestar to whisk us away, there is no superhero. There is only us.”

Photo Credit: Brad Camembert / Shutterstock.com

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