Mischa Barton has reached her ideal weight, thanks to a vegan diet.
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Although her role on the “O.C.” made her a household name, in recent years, actress Mischa Barton has been known for less positive things, including an arrest, a gross photo shoot, and, most notably, her fluctuating weight.

Fortunately, things are going much more smoothly for the actress these days, both in her career and her personal life. She recently opened a clothing boutique in London, and at the beginning of the year turned to a vegan diet to get her health under control, a plan that has worked like a charm.

In addition to adopting a new way of eating, the actress has also committed to a regular exercise routine, and now she’s found her happy weight — all without counting calories.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily, “Mischa’s grown tired of doing extreme fasts and cleanses to try and drop weight quickly and then putting it all back on. She’s healthier than ever, following a vegan eating plan – but she’s not calorie counting.

“Mischa’s been through the wringer with her body. Her weight has massively fluctuated over the years, after falling off and on the diet wagon, but now she’s giving herself a break.”

Barton is reportedly pleased with her new look, claiming that although she occasionally “pigs out,” her healthy diet and fitness plan keep her in check.

“Everybody has things that they are conscious of. I talk about this with my girlfriends all the time. We work out and we eat healthy and we do what we do. I feel very comfortable. You are what you are as a woman,” she says.

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  • sspecial

    I find it hard to believe any of these statements. First off I very much doubt that Mischa is not counting calories just because she is a size 10 now. She is obviously someone who cares about her appearence and her weight being an actress. I assume that she won’t stick to being a size 10 and her weight will fluctuate as it does for most people in years or months to come.
    Some girls claim eating healthy makes you a size 0 while others say it makes you two or three size bigger then being skinny. The obsession with looking perfect doesn’t really end sadly.