Pamela Anderson wants shark finning outlawed.
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Canadian-born actress Pamela Anderson is asking British Columbia officials to pass a new pact that would outlaw shark fin products. Anderson believes that it is a disgusting act to kill sharks to satisfy man’s need for an expensive delicacy.

The “Baywatch” star wants to end the hunting and killing of sharks by outlawing shark fin products. In 2011, a federal law was proposed in Canada that would ban the import of shark fins and prohibit shark finning in Canada waters. Another bill was introduced in Parliament by Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May in early April that would change Canada’s labeling and importing laws when it comes to sharks.

May’s proposed legislation would make it mandatory for imports to include the type of shark and where it was caught. Currently this is something not tracked by shark fisheries. Toronto councilors voted last year to ban shark fin soup from restaurants. Anderson believes it is time for other major cities in Canada to follow suit.

Anderson said, “Hooking sharks, pulling them from the water, cutting off their fins while they are still alive, then dumping them back into the ocean to suffer and die is appalling. To do so for a bowl of soup is indefensible.”

Shark finning is a $1 billion a year industry that threatens some shark species. The controversial practice has caused an outcry from animal rights activists all over the world. Some of the supporters of ending shark fin imports include Wild Aid Canada, the Humane Society, and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – an animal rights organization that Anderson is a spokeswoman for.

Next month Toronto’s legislation to ban shark fin soup in restaurants will come into effect. Hopefully, British Columbia and the rest of Canada will follow suit and enact legislation that would help save the sharks.

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