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Alicia Silverstone adds another notch to her already impressive vegan belt as the spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s new Compassionate Communities Campaign (CCC).  Their goal? To “help as many people as possible get active for animals.”

As author of “The Kind Diet,” Silverstone has increased both the popularity and accessibility of vegetarian and vegan living. She says, “When people think about helping animals, they generally think about dogs and cats, but chickens, pigs, and other farm animals need our help even more. And science shows that farm animals are just as intelligent and interesting as our pets. Vegetarian advocacy allows busy people like you and me to spare the lives of thousands of animals every year without a huge time commitment. For example, you can spare at least fifty animals a lifetime of misery on a factory farm with just an hour of leafleting.”

Vegans and vegetarians may be so sensitive to the stereotype of annoying militant radical that we remain a little shy, a little self-abasing, about our diet and lifestyle ethics. But swallowing that sensitivity might help someone else decide not to swallow that bacon burger. CCC’s mission, “to promote and train animal advocates and grassroots groups in the most effective forms of animal advocacy and community building,” can help vegsters become proud, unified, and active.

With tips on best practices, fun challenges, and built-in recognition (even prizes!), members will be encouraged to remember both the widespread effects of their ethical choices and that they’re part of a happy, healthy web of advocates. To learn more, check out CCC’s resources for becoming a better advocate, “like” the campaign on Facebook, or just remind someone you love why you choose to save the lives of animals every day. Alicia Silverstone isn’t ashamed. Why should you be?

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