Jason Mraz talks about his 'greenest tour ever' and how he gives back to the planet
by Allyson Koerner
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Jason Mraz isn’t your typical singer on tour. Instead of living up to the musician stereotypes, he is giving back to the planet while he travels across the country delivering music to his fans.

Recently on one of his days off in Austin, Texas, Mraz was joined by his tour crew and several volunteers in lending a helping hand in beautifying parks, as they planted mulch around trees.

“It adds a little bit of value to touring, because otherwise, you’re just cruising around, smiling and waving, collecting $200 and moving on to the next thing,” he told The Tennessean.

Mraz considers this tour his “greenest tour ever.” He travels the country with trucks and buses filled with biodiesel. The singer also offers compostable and reusable food and water items to his audiences and crew, along with an “Eco-Village” environmental education area.

“It’s our home,” Mraz said. “If we don’t have a green philosophy with us, we would otherwise leave [the venue] kind of wrecked. There’d be a lot more waste we’d leave . . . I think it’s a really simple practice, and it makes a huge difference.”

For awhile now Mraz has been revealing his eco-friendly initiatives. Whether he’s maintaining a vegan diet (to help his libido) or announcing to the whole world that Mother Earth is his main squeeze, the singer is a strong advocate for the planet in variety of ways.

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