The Office spin-off, The Farm, casts actors and actresses to star alongside Rainn Wilson

“The Farm,” a potential spin-off to NBC’s “The Office,” first started out as a rumor, but is becoming more real every day; and is currently rounding out its cast with some amazing actors and actresses.

First, some background on the show. Rainn Wilson will star as the lead of NBC’s new comedy, which will focus on Wilson’s character from “The Office,” Dwight Schrute.

Dwight is a quirky man whose is well-known for having a relationship with accountant Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey), worshipping Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and of course having a beet farm aka Schrute Farms that was turned into a bed and breakfast.

“The Farm” is about Schrute Farms, Dwight’s character, his unique family and the beet farm.

The show is hard at work casting Dwight’s family and according to The Hollywood Reporter, “Breaking Bad” alum Matt Jones was just cast as his cousin, Zeke. In addition, Thomas Middleditch will play Dwight’s brother, Jeb; Majandra Delfino will play his younger sister, Frannie; and Blake Garrett will star as his nephew, Cameron. If the show gets picked up, all would be series regulars.

No word yet whether Dwight’s cousin Mose (Michael Schur), who has been seen here and there on “The Office,” will appear. Furthermore, it hasn’t been said if Kinsey will be starring alongside Wilson; after all their two characters are destined to be together. On last season of “The Office,” it was sort of assumed Dwight was the real father of Angela’s baby. It just wouldn’t be the same without her, so fingers crossed!

This year will also be the last season for “The Office,” so it seems Wilson’s spin-off comes at the perfect time. Hopefully, it moves forward.

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