Matt Damon Anti-Fracking Movie
by Crystal Wiltshire
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Matt Damon‘s next film, a drama titled Promised Land, carries a strong anti-fracking message that will likely carry weight for the 2013 award season.

The film is being given exclusive viewing in New York and Los Angeles on December 28th so that it can be considered for the 2013 Oscars ceremony. It will then begin its expanded release in January.

Damon co-wrote the screenplay with The Office star, John Krasinski, who also stars in the film. The two play opposing roles in the plot, which focuses on a natural gas company that sets its sights on a small town.

Promised Land has theme similar to It’s A Wonderful Life, where a salesman for the gas company (Damon) is woken out of his cynical way of life and has his views changed by the residents of the rural town.

If Promised Land keeps up with the buzz it is already receiving, it should make waves with the real life anti-fracking movement. It is very exciting to see more and more big-named productions coming from Hollywood with such strong environmental themes.


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  • Kathie Wilson

    I’m here to tell you – this movie, if shown at all in Oklahoma, will be shown at theaters which only show indy films, such as the Circle Cinema in Tulsa. The tragedy is, that Oklahomans need to see this movie more than residents of any other state. There HAS to be a better way to get at this stuff – fracking is just the cheapest in THE SHORT RUN. If we’re going to exploit natural gas as a resource, we MUST find the least ecologically damaging method of extracting it. When will the energy companies acknowledge that this is the only Earth we have?