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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Want to Rescue A Homeless Dog

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They have yet to confirm their romance, but it is becoming more and more apparent that actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are an item. The latest sign? They’re looking to rescue and adopt a dog together.

According to sources, the pair are committed to providing a forever home to a large breed dog. The two “have been touring shelters looking for an abandoned dog that needs a loving home” and “have their hearts set on a big dog – either a golden retriever or a Labrador.” Because they are reportedly inseparable, even cohabitating, co-parenting a pooch shouldn’t present a huge challenge.

Although Kutcher is in the middle of divorce proceedings with Demi Moore, the two allegedly began dating in the spring of this year after meeting on the set of That 70s Show 14 years ago. A source claims that then-co-star Kutcher was Mila’s first kiss. Last month, Kutcher reportedly took Kunis to a luxury five-star holiday on the island of Bali as their romance has intensified.

Here’s hoping their new rescue dog brings the couple as much joy as a forever home will bring it!

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  • marcia

    Well I hope Mila is prepared to keep the dog should Ashton bolt…

  • Delta Elise

    I hope that besides rescuing one dog they can donate to the shelter or maybe volunteer their time to help the dogs too.

  • Chio

    They should rescue a mix-breed!! That would be PERFECT!!

  • guest

    Animals are NOT accessories, maybe they should get their relationship worked out before adopting one. They could always donate to a shelter immediately if they want to help animals.

    • CASOLI

      SO AGREE

  • Kat C

    Its a pity they don’t want to rescue an abused dog..i.e. a victim of dog fighting …it would raise the profile of this poor maligned breed and contribute in a positive way by encouraging the public to educate their dogs and look at rescue homes and not breeders… But at least they recognise that they will save a life if they rescue a homeless baby…

  • ”Here’s hoping their new rescue dog brings the couple as much joy as a forever home will bring it!”
    Did you just refer to a dog as “IT”?

  • They have millions in their bank account, and the fact that they have been to so many animal “shelters” means they know about homeless dogs and how they are killed for being homeless. How about being less selfish and open a no-kill shelter? They don’t have to be in charge; just build it and donate the building to a dog-rescuer.

  • Stephanie Rea

    Get a “pit bull”… never ever ever ever will you regret it! The fact that they are the least adopted… you’re seriously saving a life and will get the most loyal amazing dog you could ever imagine!!! There is one called Mamas that’s been in a shelter for 10 months and looks just like my Hailey. I think she’d be perfect 😉 She’s at Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York. Info: 120 Fullerton Avenue Yonkers, NY 10704 Ph: 914-377-6730 Monday – Friday 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM Sat, Sun & Holidays 12:00 – 3:30 PM

    • Stephanie Rea

      The reason I put “pit bull” in brackets is because it’s not an actual breed – they are all mutts 🙂 So get a mutt! They live longer too 😉

  • GET A PIT BULL!! Awesome dogs…..you wont regret it, lovers, protectors and will be family

  • Pit bulls follow under Stafford Terriers

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