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WATCH: Alicia Silverstone Gives Her Best Vegan Dating Advice

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When I was 22 I signed up for a vegetarian dating site, went on one date, and then said never again. It was, in short, a disaster. For vegans, finding a perfect mate usually means finding someone who fits into the many categories we require, and on top of all of that, is also vegan. (Even if it’s just so we don’t have to kiss someone who just ate a burger.) But finding that perfect mate is not always easy.

To help us all out Alicia Silverstone is giving her best vegan dating advice. And it might not be what you think. Her thoughts? Don’t limit your dating pool. Don’t think of the omnivore status as a negative. After all, 99% of us vegans were omnivores until we weren’t.

She says, “I’d like to think that I would be able to just be looking for a really amazing person and then trust that that amazing person once given all the wonderful information we have to offer on health and the planet and animals, that that person would be so compassionate and so intelligent and so brilliant that they would want to jump on board as much as they possibly could.”

What doesn’t she think is a good method for finding a mate? Showing up on your first date and screaming about your veganism and how they should be vegan too. We agree that such a display would send most potential mates running for the nearest steak house.

Check out what Alicia has to say on vegan dating. We all have our own stories. Some of them successes, and others horrible messes. Just remember, every vegan you know was inspired to make the change by someone. Who do you inspire?

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  • Rebecca

    I live in Alberta, Canada. Beef capital of the north. Unfortunately, all my dates want to take me to the local steak house to hang out. While I’ve never tried to convert anyone and never preach veganism, I have yet to meet the guy who will “change” because he sees me doing it. Most of them took pleasure in eating meat in front of me. In my experience, if they don’t change on their own, they won’t change because of their new girlfriend. I want the ones who have the balls to change of their own accord. Thanks and will keep searching for an already enlightened one.

  • Doods

    It’s so hard to find a significant other in general these days. I mean we all have our standards but I agree with Alicia that writing someone off because they don’t have the same ideas about food that you do is silly. Of course I draw the line at hunters, butchers, fishers, cattle ranchers etc but you get my point.

    Both my ex and my current boyfriend are extremely supportive of my choices because they know that that’s an extremely important part of my life. I’m sorry that those like Rebecca have not had luck in the dating department but if someone wants to date you or be with you than they will be accepting and find ways to make things work. If not, then screw em.

  • Tera

    I lucked out and my boyfriend turned vegetarian after a few months (!!) of dating. I was open to dating a meat eater as long as we both respected each other’s choices. I feel like that’s ultimately what it comes down to, finding someone you can talk to openly about veganism without having to pressure them to change for you, and at the same time, not sweating it if they decide it’s not for them.

    I had a vegan friend who used to say that she couldn’t date someone who would eat meat in front of her, and if they lived together she wouldn’t allow him to bring it into the house. That just seems so incredibly closed-minded and unrealistic. Talk about forcing your beliefs on your partner! In a perfect world, yes, you would find that perfect person and he/she would already be vegan. But there are so many qualities that make someone a great partner, beyond what’s on their plate.

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