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Ian Somerhalder Desperate for Help to Save Sanctuary Land

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The plot of land Ian Somerhalder wants to buy and use for his animal sanctuary/sustainable farm has been threatened. Actually, forget threatened. It’s on the verge of extinction. Now, he needs our help.

The 195 acres that Somerhalder wants to use is, right now, destined to become a transfer station and business park. He’s asking the twitterverse for help to save the pristine property from becoming a concrete eyesore.

On twitter the actor wrote, “Twitterverse!I need you help its about saving the ISF sancuary!Pls read this article:I need residents of Lacombe LA&st Tammany parish(cont) To stand with me on Monday Sep10th at council meeting to stop this Industrial Park!Come join me-as many as possible!” [sic]

This land holds special meaning for the star. It’s near where he grew up and learned to love nature. Somerhalder added in a phone interview, “This is my home turf. Let’s let this property go back and feed the people. Take the 28 acres — I’ll give it to you. We can build the transfer station. Just don’t let this phenomenal piece of property become an industrial park.”

Based on the article “The Vampire Diaries” star linked to, the man who is expected to buy the property, Chris Jean, is open to talking about other options. His lawyer said that as a businessman Jean would listen to whatever Somerhalder has to say. We don’t know if those two will be talking, but we do know that the actor plans on being at the St. Tammany Parish Council meeting Monday September 10th at 6pm. He hopes that ISF supporters from the local area will gather there to show their support.

Earlier this year Somerhalder had the opportunity to buy the land when Jean’s option had expired. Unfortunately, while lots of money was raised for the sanctuary, it wasn’t enough to make the buy.

We certainly hope all of this can be worked out. Not just for Somerhalder’s dream to create a sanctuary. (Although obviously that would be the best case scenario.) But to save a beautiful chunk of nature, which as of right now serves as a habitat to plants and animals who don’t want to be displaced for more industrial nonsense.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

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  • Pave paradise, and put up a parking lot…

  • Save save save. Animals have had to move enough. Thats their home not ours. Would you want your house ripped right out fron under your feet. No save the animals and plants!!

  • Until they revoke their stance on tigers they remain at odds with me.
    I know a hell of a lot more about thousand pound animals then a guy with two cats.

  • I live in Louisiana…our state is losing so much land to erosion on the Gulf Coast, natural disasters like Hurricanes, why not allow Ian, to save this plot of land! And in Louisiana animals are destroyed every single day. There are very few shelters, most are KILL Shelters or what is called Animal Control. The animals are gassed in large numbers and dumped. People of the south still need to Spay and Neuter so the pet population doesn’t inflate with unwanted pets. Help if you can!

  • Southern13belle

    I live here in Lacombe and i want Ian to get this money for ISF!

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