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Russell Brand's Goal Is to Make People Laugh and Help Animals

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When Russell Brand first started in show business, it appears that no act was too wild or offensive. A heroin and crack addict at the time, the comedian would do things like bring dead animals up onto stage and set fire to the Koran. He even chopped up pig’s heads. Doesn’t sound funny to us…

Thankfully, the British star has changed his ways and now has much more respect for all life, human and animal. He said about his big change, “I’d like you to make that clear, mate: I’m a vegetarian now, and I’m a great respecter of all religious backgrounds. I just want make people laugh and be kind to animals, especially the hairless apes that dominate this planet.”

It sure sounds like the world is a better place with Russell using his humor for good instead of evil.

Fellow comedian Sarah Silverman is a vegetarian and Ricky Gervais supports many animal and human causes. Perhaps there is something about compassion toward all things great and small that makes people especially funny.

Via Daily News

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

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  • Joe

    Why mention Sarah Silverman if all she is is a vegetarian? She supports abortion. So killing animals = bad; killing unborn children = good?

    • Derp

      Completely different things dude. 1. You can’t hear a fetus screaming in pain, nor is it killed for unnecessary satisfaction. 2. Sometimes, not aborting a fetus may kill someone, not eating meat will not. 3. The presence of a fetus directly affects the person carrying it – it is their choice what they do with their bodies. This cannot be said for animals, as they do not directly affect a persons well-being. (Refer back to point 2) 4. Aborting a fetus is much more humane than killing something that has actually experienced a life, even if animals for consumption don’t get much of one of those.

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