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What would you give up to save the life of your dog or cat? A dinner out? A weekend away? How about a wedding?

Melanie Cannon and Eddie Hanna had to postpone their wedding the first time when Melanie’s grandmother passed away a week before their wedding day. They lost all their funds since the cancellation was so last minute. The couple rebounded and worked hard to save up enough cash – for the second time – to throw their dream wedding. That’s when they found out that their rescue pit bull mix, Koda, had a liver shunt and needed medical attention. Even their pet insurance wouldn’t cover the costs, so the couple did what they thought any kind and generous person would do. They took the funds they had saved for their wedding and used them to save Koda’s life.

Eddie said about their decision, “We just did what anybody would’ve done. He deserves to be alive and to be loved.”

We’re pretty sure that Koda won the jackpot when he was adopted by Cannon and Hanna. Thankfully, other people also agree that the couple acted with rarely seen generosity. The Halifax Humane Society, the shelter they adopted Koda from, heard about the wedding, now postponed for the second time, and they decided to help. DogHeiss reports that the shelter approached local vendors with the couple’s story and soon had donations for catering, a facility, flowers and more.

According to reports, Melanie and Eddie got hitched on September 8th thanks to the kindness of strangers. Koda is expected to make a full recovery. Looks like we’ve got a fairy “tail” ending for everyone involved.

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  • Patty Duval

    wow how wonderful of a couple to save their family member I would do the same thing for my babies God Bless You Both And I Wish You The Best Of Luck When You Get Married