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Ozzy Osbourne Drops Vegan Diet for Atkins

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Nearly a year ago we reported that Ozzy was giving veganism a try after watching the popular food documentary “Forks Over Knives.”

Based on Sharon Osbourne’s declaration today that she and rocker husband Ozzy have been following the Atkins diet, we can only assume that Ozzy has given up on his plant based ways.

Sharon has even gone so far as to become the spokeswoman for the diet. Atkins has been around since the early 70’s and is known for being low on carbs and high on meat. (Ick.)

We’re sorry to see that Ozzy has given up his vegan ways. Happily, others who have been influenced by “Forks Over Knives,” like Eliza Dushku and Kristen Bell, are still going strong. And then there are the Bill Clinton converts like Michelle Pfeiffer and Rosie O’Donnell. But still, come on back Ozzy. We miss you.

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  • Kay Kirkman
  • Karina Usach

    So he’s dropped the healthiest diet for one of the most unhealthiest and horrible diets ever invented? Genius…

  • Tattjana

    if he ever had brain, but neither before hes gone nuts, ozzy owes a big price for the animals, because maybe not everyone is clear how he ‘s got his name, to me it is, shame on him and the whole family, sharon too, because she stands by his cruelty, and for what? to be able to by 2 bantley’s online because they werent xpensive? yeah i did follow in a time their sickened lifestyle i just got disgusted of them, of all of them.thaks for letting this out, was choking me already

    • Joe

      Although I’m disappointed to see Ozzy jump on the Atkins diet, your comment about being able to buy two bentleys is bizarre and makes no sense. Giving up a healthy diet for an unhealthy one has zero to do with how he spends his money. Quite frankly, it’s people like you, who are clearly irrational, that make it hard for rational vegans to spread the good word. Step back, take a breath and just worry about yourself. Be an example for others, not an irrational instigator.

  • Karina1

    I remember seeing him in a interview about a colonoscopy he did where he had several polyps removed. Obviously he`s forgotten why he went vegan in the first place…

  • Dazzle59

    Totally lame. I am so tired of celebrities “going vegan” without even knowing what veganism truly means. To them, it’s a trendy label they can wear until the next shiny trend comes along. You’ll regret it, Ozzy. Vegans are cool, and you’re not.

  • Caroline Burton

    You just have to take one look at them to know they are not eating healthily! Nor do they give a rat’s ass about animals – this is the guy that ate one alive, on stage! Do we really want to know about dumb celebs who have done nothing worthwhile, ever!

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