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by Ali Berman
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Atlanta Pride, a group that works to promote unity, visibility and self-esteem in the LGBT community, is getting some criticism for their decision to hold a kick off party at the Georgia Aquarium.

Jane Lynch and PETA are asking the organization to cancel their event at the aquarium and extend the compassion they show to people to animals. It’s not just that PETA isn’t a fan of aquariums, although that’s certainly true. In this instance, their concern is more about the aquatic residents and how their sensitive ears will react to the noise created by the event.

Lynch explains in a letter to the organization, “Many of the marine mammals at the aquarium are extremely sensitive to sound, and large parties create an even more stressful environment than they already endure in captivity. Animals such as beluga whales and dolphins communicate with one another by means of an intricate sonar system. The excess noise disorients them, thwarts their ability to communicate, and sometimes causes them to attack one another …. Given the animals’ extreme sensitivity to noise, the aquarium does not seem like an appropriate venue for such a large and festive gathering.”

Considering that the event info says that two DJ’s will be working the party, we have to agree that an aquarium is a poor, and potentially cruel, choice of venue, especially for an organization that knows what it’s like to fight for the rights of others.

PETA is asking concerned citizens to contact Atlanta Pride Managing Director Buck Cooke to politely urge him to switch the venue for the party to a more humane location.

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