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Brian May loves animals so much that he has opened up his home as a wildlife sanctuary. Unfortunately, he can’t keep all of England’s creatures safe on his property, so now, the Queen guitarist is trying to save the nation’s badgers by getting the public to speak out against a scheduled cull.

What have the little guys done to deserve the wrath of a nation? Unfortunately, bagders have been spreading a disease called bovine tuberculosis amongst the resident cattle. You might for a moment think that the cull would be to protect the cows from harm for their sake. Nope. It’s because the farmers are losing money due to their herds dying. It all comes down to cold hard cash.

But the cull won’t do much to protect cattle. The government is estimating that a 70% cull of badgers will lead to a 16% reduction of the spread of the disease. Not a great trade off by any mathematical standards.

May isn’t having it. He posed next to a new anti-cull billboard that’s part of a public campaign put together by Team Badger, a coalition of animal protection groups.

He said about the scheduled killing, “This is a horrific proposal, truly horrific. Badgers have just as much right to live in this country as we do. They mind their own business. They do nobody any harm.”

Unfortunately, bovine tuberculosis is spread when the badgers roam the same land as the cattle. There is a vaccine for the badgers (not the cattle), but because these animals love going underground, it would be difficult and costly to administer.

Team Badger is getting the word out. They have over 60,000 signatures already, and 100,000 are needed to open the topic up for debate in parliament.

We hope they will listen to biologist John Krebs. He was behind a major government-commissioned study of the issue and called the cull a “crazy scheme that may deliver very small advantage (and) may deliver none.”

May talks about how the scientific community has come out against the badger cull in a video where he says, “Don’t listen to me. Don’t believe a rock star. All the scientists in the field are saying that this is not going to work.”

See Brian May below, and sign the petition. Let’s help some badgers.

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