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Each year countries around the world kill 20 million dogs to try and stop the spread of rabies. This tactic proves to be both cruel and ineffective. Thankfully, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has a different strategy for fixing the rabies problem and saving the lives of both dogs and humans.

Instead of slaughter, they propose vaccination and then fitting the animal with a red collar so locals know the dog is safe. Ricky Gervais, the new frontman for the campaign is helping to get the word out and hopefully raise some funds. The WSPA has already had great results with the program and found that they can indeed protect both canines and people.

Gervais said about the Red Collar Campaign, “Every year more than 55,000 people die from rabies, mostly as a result of dog bites. In response, many governments organize mass dog culls in a mis-guided attempt to eliminate the disease. But the culling of dogs is needless, cruel and ineffective in the fight against rabies.

“I’m backing WSPA’s Red Collar campaign, to help end the unnecessary deaths of million dogs, culled every year, because of our fear of rabies.

“WSPA is calling on governments and communities everywhere to replace culling with mass dog vaccination programmes, during which dogs are fitted with red collars to show they are vaccinated against this deadly disease.

“Mass vaccinations are the only proven solution for controlling rabies, in both dogs and humans.”

See Gervais in the video below, and visit the Red Collar Campaign to learn more.

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