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Back in July, Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he was not only partnering with, but also making an investment, in green automaker Fisker.

The 37-year-old said that going forward he would be involved in Fisker’s manufacturing plans and would work closely on marketing and promotional initiatives. Naturally, sustainability would be a big part of his core focus. In turn, Fisker Automotive agreed to support the charitable work of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation around the globe.

Top Gear recently sat down with the actor for a bit more insight on why he decided to invest in the automaker – with one of the big reasons being that the previous electric cars he’s owned left him with range anxiety.

“I started trying hybrids, which were fantastic,” he says. But you can say that there are lots of vehicles out there that get equal or better mileage. Then I bought two electric vehicles, which I found I never wanted to drive. I was afraid of being stranded on the Pacific Coast Highway and standing at a restaurant for six hours while my vehicle’s plugged in.

“So the idea of this extended-range Fisker, which has the ability to be electric for a full day if you’re not doing a road trip, but also allows you to take a spontaneous road trip if you decide to….” And the looks must have helped. “Oh yes, it’s fantastic-looking. It drives like a sports car. It’s amazing. It was a natural progression. I wanted to be part of the company and invest in it.”

Unlike other wealthy celebs, the actor says that he only owns two cars: a hybrid Lexus and his Fisker Karma. “Ever since I learned about hybrid vehicles, that’s all I’ve really owned,” he says.

Fisker recently announced that it will be expanding into the booming Chinese market later next year. It also has agreements in place to begin selling in North Africa and the Middle East – with a dealership in Dubai expected to open before the New Year.

You can read the full Top Gear article with Leo here.

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