reticulated python
by Ali Berman
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Most news articles you’ll see over the next few days will “ooh and ah” over Medusa, the 8-year-old reticulated python who just set the world record for the longest snake in captivity. The big girl is 25 feet and 2 inches long, quite an incredible size, especially for a snake forced to spend her time putting up with shrieking humans.

The sad part of Medusa’s story is her home during the fall season, a haunted house in Kansas City called The Edge of Hell. Medusa spends her time unintentionally scaring visitors by staying coiled up in a nook. A haunted house, full of people stomping through (snakes are sensitive to vibrations), hardly seems like an appropriate place to keep a snake. The Edge of Hell says that she goes into “stealth mode” by staying very still during the haunted house. Could the reason she stays so still be that, even a girl as big as her, is nervous due to the large number of loud humans?

We can’t find any information about how Medusa is treated in the off season or what her habitat is like. Based on the website we see that she enjoys swimming and occasional trips to the park where she is further gawked at. The long snake is owned by Full Moon Productions, a company that runs multiple scary attractions. Basically, Medusa is a money maker.

We certainly can’t get behind the record breaking snake being kept in a haunted house. We just hope she gets treated better in the off season and is given a habitat that can accomodate her size. The best thing for Medusa would be to go to a sanctuary where she can spend her days doing what she likes instead of as a Halloween attraction. If you feel the same, consider sending an email to Full Moon Productions.

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