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Mayim Bialik Is Vegan Right Down to Her Nail Polish

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Here at Ecorazzi we do a lot of reporting on vegan celebrities and their personal choices. However, for many self-declared famous vegans, the lifestyle ends at the dinner plate. We won’t name names, mostly because we’re thrilled when anyone who has the attention of millions of fans sounds off on their love for plant based foods, but we do see a lot of “vegans” loving their leather shoes or doing cosmetic campaigns for companies that use animal products and test on animals. As many die hard vegans point out, that makes them vegan in diet alone.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when you come across the elusive genuine vegan. The celebrity who talks the talk and walks the walk. Alicia Silverstone is a great example. Through her website The Kind Life, you can read about all the ways her veganism influences her life and choices.

Another celebrity who seems to be getting more and more attention is the ethical Mayim Bialik. Why do we adore Mayim? Besides for loving the interview she did with us about veganism, attachment parenting and her TV career, she is a true vegan. In a NY Times profile that just came out, her animal friendly lifestyle is confirmed by her attention to detail.

When Mayim’s stylist said, “Now I just need to get you a nail color,” Mayim responded with, “No, I need to get the vegan nail polish.” The NY Times piece then says that she went on to give a “brief tutorial on a dye, found in some cosmetics, made from crushed bugs.”

It’s that kind of dedication to fighting all forms of cruelty that makes her one of our very favorite vegan celebs. When it comes to personal lifestyle choices, Mayim doesn’t just stop at cruelty free. As an “aspiring modern Orthodox” Jewish woman, an attachment parent, and an actress, this multi-talented woman with a PhD in neuroscience holds herself to the very highest standards. Oh yeah. And she’s writing a vegan cookbook. Take note Hollywood. You can have it all.

Good luck tonight, Ms. Bialik! (She’s up for best supporting actress for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler in Chuck Lorre’s hit ‘The Big Bang Theory.”)

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  • Olivia

    Always nice to hear about celebrities going vegan. Check out ChooseVeg.org for more information about veganism!

  • Soulxlight

    Hmmm, guess I have to eat more meat to make up for what she isn’t eating.

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