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Dairy and Beef Farmers Feeding Cows Gummy Worms and Cookies

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The 2012 drought has decimated the corn crop causing farmers to search for different types of feed to give their dairy and beef cows.

Not that a diet of corn has ever been the most healthy diet for cows, but the new feed (read: sugary trash) some farmers are giving to their herds is downright despicable. Examples of the kinds of foods being used to get through this season as cheaply as possible include cookies, gummy worms, marshmallows, fruit loops, orange peels, and dried cranberries. The fruit is the best thing on that menu, but marshmallows and gummy worms? (Trying not to be grossed out by the cows eating the bovine based gelatin in those nasty foods.)

Ki Fanning, a nutritionist with Great Plains Livestock Consulting in Nebraska, said, “Everybody is looking for alternatives. It’s kind of funny the first time you see it but it works well. The big advantage to that is you can turn something you normally throw away into something that can be consumed. The amazing thing about a ruminant, a cow, you can take those type of ingredients and turn them into food.”

The fact that a nutritionist is touting the benefits of this kind of junk is potentially just as shocking as the foods being fed to the cows.

Not all farmers are jumping on the candy wagon. Most others are choosing different alternatives like distillers grains, cottonseed hulls, rice products, potato products, peanut pellet and wheat middlings. But the truth is, nearly everyone is struggling to feed their cows when there is no corn to be found.

Via Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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  • tplvth

    Certainly the thought of feeding them grass has never crossed their minds!

    • Bark

      are you aware of how much grass that would be?

  • Sanity

    Seriously… the outrage from the author is a bit silly. The farmers will feed the cows the most economical mix that will produce the best results. So, they can’t afford corn right now, even if they can find it. Get over it. I’m sure that the cow isn’t concerned about tooth decay. The alternative is to sell the cow for slaughter. I know which option the cow prefers…

    • Guest


  • bark

    What a terribly written biased article. The actual article, on Yahoo!, gives the legitimate reasons for this rather than just “OMG U GUISE, THEY R FEEDIN CANDY 2 DA COWZ”.

    “It all comes down to fat, sugar and energy.” It doesn’t really matter where it comes from when it comes to cows.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Cows have different digestive ssystems than humans and for the author to say that it’s just as harmful to eat candy for cows as it is for us humans is a joke… and not a very funny one at that.

      Chew on that! (okay, that’s not a very funny joke either)

    • guest

      What do you expect, ecorazzi is a gossip site, not a serious journalistic source.

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