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by Ali Berman
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Imagine a world where kids were given kale, beans and whole grains instead of burgers, fries and ice cream. Think we’d still have an obesity epidemic?

The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF) works to bring plant based menu options into the cafeteria. No, they don’t consider pizza to be a vegetable. And while they still have burgers on the menu, these burgers are made with black beans, sweet potato, oats, spices and more. All ingredients that are delicious and good for you.

In just a few weeks on October 10th, NYCHSF is throwing its annual gala, an event truly not to be missed. We’re sure you’ll love the co-hosts of the event: Kathy Freston, Alex Jamieson, and Jane Valez-Mitchell. But, we think your favorite part will be the food. With the owners of Candle 79 on the board and relationships with what seems like every major vegan eatery in NYC, this event is going to be packed with the best vegan food out there.

I was fortunate enough to attend last year, so I can say from experience, you do not want to miss this buffet of incredible eats. Restaurants slated to be there serving up the best of the best? Candle 79, Pure Food and Wine, Stogo, V Spot, Terri, Anjelica’s Kitchen, Regal Vegan and so many more. It’s like a vegan food tour of NYC in one festive spot all while supporting a great cause.

To tempt you further, check out some of the dishes that were served last year.

vegan food

So grab your ticket, put on your fancy shoes and help this incredible organization change the way kids eat in schools.

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